Hello everyone! Over here, we try our best to answer as many question as we can possibly! Especially the frequently asked ones, so here goes!

1. What currency do we use on this website? 

Ans. Strictly Singapore dollars only ( SGD ) as we are a Singapore-based company. 

2. Your price is really "competitive", does it include shipping already? 

Ans. Yes, all prices indicated on our website includes shipping and doorstep delivery for FREE for all our customers with a Singapore delivery address. No hidden ninjutsu fees. 

3. I am not in Singapore but how much do I have to pay for shipping then? 

Ans. We will notify you with a shipment advise once your pre-order is ready to ship from the studio, only then we would be advised of the end-shipment product's sizes and weight that is chargeable by the various forwarding freight that we work with. Shipping fees varies from location to location, but fret not as we also source the most affordable options! Shipping rates are estimates quoted by shipping company on the date of tabulation and does not include country or custom Duty/Tax. We are not responsible for Duty/Tax charges and cannot provide estimates as to what these charges may be.

4. What happens if I received a damaged item? 

Snap a photo and send us the damaged part, we will;
1. Contact the relevant party/studio for the replacement
2. Get a quote for a repair service by skilled painters. 

In the event that we are unable to get a replacement nor repair, we may provide a replacement statue or a full refund on a case to case basis. 

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